Red Alert 3 for $5?

Yes, it is holiday steam sale time (ow, my wallet!)

Wasn't T trying to tell all of us that this was the best game ever or something? On sale for another 8 hours.

NFS: 30 FPS?

It's gonna have to be a hell of a sale for me to pick this up now...

Calling all shotgun nerds (aka Dean)

I'm back to wanting a skeet gun again...

Stoeger seems to be the most "affordable" option that I would thought you'd approve of. Looks like $600ish for an over/under. I assume this is a cheap Benelli?

I definitely want an over/under... I just like them more than the semi's. To be honest I like the Citori, but if I bought one and my wife found out how much it cost she would blow my head off with it. ;0p

Anyway, a refresh of your buying advice would be good for me.

You call him Mister Twopipe!

Achievement Unlocked: "Dual Homer!" - Nothing to do with The Simpsons

Not a "euphemism" either.

Currently running both Cable Internet and DSL simultaneously through a Peplink Balance 20 load balancer. Let me tell you what: y'all need to get on board this bandwagon. It's a gravy train with biscuit wheels. Everything Internet is better. Everything, and it only took a few minutes not-quite-hard work to set up.

Find the money. Spend the money. Seriously. It's like having a "real" Internet connection, for a fraction of the cost.

You call him Doctor Roos!

Woot T-shirt Today 11/14

Figured someone here might have interest or want to buy one as dirty santa gift or some non-sense:

I've never bought from woot, but I look at some of the tool deals from time to time.

The Skinny on Obesity

During a CE this weekend, we saw a short bit of one of these segments:

The Skinny on Obesity

There are eight of them total, and are teaser's for the full lecture here:

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

The long version is a bit heavy on biochemistry, which he admits, but it is the basis for the claims and findings in the shorter segments.

OME 11/14?

So, uh, I'm defending my dissertation that day, and I'm not sure I'll be either sober or standing by 7:30. Should we reschedule?

Ok, that's clever

Is this an Ad? I think it's an Ad.

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