Love this car!

Renault has always had a weird love it or hate it with me. Over the years they have come up with absolute shit (Le Car) but then from that base came the 5 Turbo ( In the top 5 of dream cars. Their presence in F1 is incredible, but their road cars are just ugly shit.



It is technically the appropriate week - the Tavern if people are in?

That 1lb burger I had last time was about as transcendent an experience as a burger can be.

Well, look what happened today...

Golly. I want this.

How you know a jacket isn't waterproof anymore

in about a ~12 minute commute.


Dwarf fortress + zombie panic! == ?

This unholy union might look a bit like State of Decay:

Pick a safehouse, recruit some survivors, and go scavenge for resources. Death is final. Well, except for the zombies.

I think my toughest survivor right now is a hairdresser with a gossip problem.

Nobody should look at this.

Fantastic or Scary...

OME Recap

Shit that got talked about (as opposed to shit that got talked).
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